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Enterprise by Dennis McCarthy


Star Wars Episode Two: Attack of the Clones - John Williams

Godzilla vs. Space MechaGodzilla

Rollerball remake by Eric Serra


Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire by Joel McNeely

Welcome to the
Database of Science Fiction Soundtracks, devoted to movies, TV series and other topics related to Science Fiction Music. 

In the 
Soundtracks  section you will find a listing of Movies and Series Alphabetically ordered. The  Specials  section group a tv series or movies that are remarkable in the visual sci-fi world, like Star Trek, Star Wars and Babylon 5

Last Update : 19th May, 2003

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It's been a long time since the last update and I sincerely apologize for this and I will add little by little all the releases of the most recent recordings.
Meanwhile, as we are waiting for the third part of the Terminator movies, The Rise of the Machines, check the banner on top for the trailer in Medium resolution with Quicktime, there are also for
lower and Higher resolutions.
You can also visit the official page for the film
http://www.terminator3.com/ and the Warner Brothers official webpage.

A screensaver with hundreds of schematics is available from the set of Terminator 3.

The movie is scheduled for July 2nd in the US, but there is no official word on the composer for the film, although it looks like it won't be Brad Fiedel this time.

For any comment please contact me at:    

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