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Last update: June 27, 2003

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10,000 Maniacs
Last Days in Eden, 1CD Seattle, WA, 23 May 93 
More Unplugged, 1CD

ABWH II - The Demos, 2CD 1991 Starborne Records SRCD 1999-029-1 

Ego Est Au Berneil ... , 1CD Studio Live 1976 & Live at France 1975, Highland, HL 368 

Stone Pony 1992, 2CD Amsterdan label

Bon Jovi and Nine Days 
Star 98.7 Not so silent night, 1CD Wiltern Theatre,LA,Dec 16 2000, Disc 2 of 4 

Buffalo Springfield
From Texas '68 to Stampede, 1CD

BBC Session, 1CD Golder's Green, London. 1st October, 1977. BBC radio broadcast.
Stockholm 1984, 2CD, Amsterdan label
Tour Brazil 2001, 2CD Olympia, Sao Paulo, March 28, 2001 Audience 
Warsaw 1997, 1CD April 5, 1997

Phil Collins
Chicago, 2CD Illinois, Auditorium Theater, December 13, 1982 

David Bowie
Paradiso 97, 1CD Netherlands, Dancing Dragon label
Ziggy Stardust, 1CD USA, October 1972 FABBRI EDITORI MRL 010 

Mannheim, Germany, 3CD December 18, 1998 

Emerson, Bonilla & Hughes
Emerson, Bonilla & Hughes with The Dragon Choir, 1CD Maritime Hall, San Francisco, May 15, 1998

Emerson, Lake and Palmer
C'est la vie, 1CD Anaheim 1973 FABBRI EDITORI
Hampton Beach, 2CD 01/08/88 
Impressions, 1CD Anaheim 1973, BronNY 1971 Wild Bird Records WBR CD 9221  
Smashing the piano, 1CD Orange County, CA 1975 Flashback Flash 07.90.0120 

Flower Kings 
Garden State of Dreams, 2CD, George Street Playhouse, New Brunswick, NJ, Sep. 8 2001

Peter Gabriel
Cleveland 1977, 1CD THE WELFARE PIG TWP-CD-204     
Spectrum Theatre, 2CD Spectrum Theatre Philadelphia 7-21-87 

A Scream from Below, 1CD
A trick of the stage, 2CD Syria Mosque, Pittsburg 4/13/76 Radio 
Charlreoi, 1CD Belgium, Festival. January 16, 1972 
Cinema Show, 1CD Montreal 4-19, London 19 and London 1972 FABBRI EDITORI 
Coral Gables, 2CD Coral Gables, March 9, 19 
FADE 1, 2CD May 2 1975, Birmimgham, Hippodrome, London 
FADE 2, 2CD April 13, 1976, Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, USA
Hogweeds HW01, 2CD Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada. November 8th, 1973
Invisible Life, 2CD University Sports Centre, Montreal, April 21st, 19 Living Legend LLRCD 093 
Live at Lyceum Ballroom, 2CD May 7th, 1980 
Live at Uptown Theatre, Chicago, October 13, 1978, Part 1, 1CD INP023
Live in Tokyo 1978, 2CD, Nakano-Sun Plaza, Tokyo, Japan, December 2, 1978 Zeus Z 906001/2 
Live Part 1, 1CD USA & Germany 87/88 INP004 
Magma, 2CD From 71 and 72 Very good 
Montreal, 2CD Quebec, Canada, University Sports Arena, April 21,19 
Musical Box, 1CD London 1972 FABBRI EDITORI MRL 009 
Rare Tapes, 1CD 1970 / 1972 
Ultra rare trax, 1CD 1997 Music Tape MT CD 110 4045 
Watford, 1CD United Kingdom, Watford Town Hall, June 28, 1972 

Coach House, 2CD 6/3/99

Nerotrend, 1CD 1996 Elements of Crime elements-038  

Steve Hackett 
I Know what I Like, Featuring Peter Gabriel, 2CD
Live In Chile, 2CD July 3, 2001, Prog_CDR 8

Annie Haslam
Live at Cape Codder CafE/b>, 1CD New Haven, CT, 9/16/90 Late Show
Live, 4CD Bottom Line, Club BenEand Towne Crier  
Princess of Angels, 2CD Keswick Theatre, Glendside, PA, USA October 29, 2000  

Electronica Festival, 1CD 1983-09-03, Milton Keynes, UK
Total Rock, 1CD Astoria Excellent 

Live in Germany, 2CD Schorndorg, April 5th, 1998  Excellent 

Jean Michel Jarre
Concert pour le Tolerance, 1CD
Frankfurt Concert 1997, 1CD  
Paris & Bruselas, 3CD No setlist  
Alone with the Moon, 2CD Winter 2000  

Jethro Tull 
B, 2CD Los Angeles Sports Arena November 12, 1980 
Beasties, 2CD Germany and Austria, April 26-30, 1982 
Live Aqualung, 1CD Essen 1972 and Chicago 16-1-1970 FABBRI EDITORI MRL 015 
Nothing is easy, 1CD Sweden, Khonserthuset, Stockolm, Jan 09, 69 
Supercharged through L.A., 2CD Save The Earth STE 027-A/B
This is not A test, 2CD Grassy Sound Tree 
Velvet Flute, 1CD 1995 Kiss the S... KTS 491 Great 

Jon Anderson
Preparation for the Songs, Demos unreleased 1CD 1986

Jon and Vangelis 
Page of Life, Demos 1CD 1986 Demos 

Live in Concert, 1CD 1980 Top Sound TS CD 004 

King Crimson 
Austin 1981, 1CD
Prog_CDR 1, Hyde Park, London, 1CD July 5th, 1969
Prog_CDR 5, I feel a mile high Part 1, 2CD October 27, 2000
Prog_CDR 14, Lyon, France, 1CD June 3rd, 1996
Mexico City, 1CD 1996  Total Time: 67 minutes 
Real Discipline, 1CD  
Talk to the wind, 1CD Cheltenham, 9 Febrero 1967
The Golden Light, 1CD

The Kinks
Couch Potatoes, 1CD
Top of the Rocks, 1CD

Led Zeppelin 
Antrabata's Studio Sessions, 11CD 
Closer to God, 3CD 
Cracker Jack Blues, 1CD San Francisco, California 04/24/69
White Summer, 1CD Playhouse Theatre, London, June 27, 1969

Mahavishnu Orchestra 
Live at Budokan 1973, 3CD
Spirits of Bird, 1CD Munich, Germany, 17/9/72 FM, poor sound 

Mike and the Mechanics
Miracle Mania, 1CD

Moody Blues 
N/A, USA, 2CD 95/11/13 Full Show
Cleveland 1986, USA, 1CD 1986
Live Hollywood, USA, 1CD 1986, JOK-029-A, HOLLYWOOD        
Long Distance Voyager, 1CD LDV Tour 1982 - ARCD 1999-013  

Oldfield, Mike 
10th Anniv. Tubular, 2CD Wembley Arena, July 22nd, 1983 
Live in Hannover, 2CD Eilenriedhalle, April 2nd, 1981 
US premier Tubular 2, 1CD Carnegie Hall, NYC, 03 / 01 / 93 All of Us   
Paris 2CD

Pat Metheny Group
A New Phase of the Guitar, 2CD

Pink Floyd 
Beset by creatures of the Deep, 1CD 09 May 1969, University of Southampton,  Highfield, Southampton, 
Dark Side of the Rising Sun, 1CD, 03 Mar 1972, Japan 
Eclipse: Live in London 70,71, 1CD 16 Sep 1970, - Mar 10, 1971 London. John Peel Show, BBC/Paris Theatre, 
Embryo, 1CD 1968- 1969. Recorded live in session for BBC Radio. TSP-CD-020, Superior Quality
From Oblivion, 2CD 17 Oct 1971, 25Jun68, 12May69 30Sep71 CD1, CD2 1&6: 17 Oct 1971, Community Concourse, San Diego. CD2 2-3: Sep 30th 1971, Paris Cinema, London CD2 4: June 25th 1968, 201 Piccadilly Studio 1, London CD2 5: May 12th 1969, BBC, Paris Cinema, London  NE 6.22 CD Never End 
The Lost New York Tapes, 2CD October 7, 1987 Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York
Free Range Pigs (FRP CDR-010/011) - In association with Get It On Productions (GIO)

Prefab Sprout
Chrysalis Cognosci, Fanzine CD #1, Features the covers and collaborations of Paddy.
Paddy: The Comeback, Cambridge Corn Exchange, April 5,2000, 1CD, Wonder Boy, W.B. 036

Premiata Forneria Marconi
Firenze, 2CD Teatro Verdi, February 16, 2001    

Procol Harum 
Live with Edmonton Orchestra, 1CD Jubilee Auditorium,Edmonton,Alberta,Nov. 18th, 1971 Disco Piu CD 
Old Lamps for New, 2CD Barbican, London, February 8, 1996 with London Symphony Orchestra 
Pilgrim's Progress, 1CD Bremen Studio takes Master Tone MM5117 
Quite Rightly So !, 1CD Live Compilation TenDollar label
The Dreamer (with Supertramp), 1CD Edmonton 1975 and London 5-1975 FABBRI EDITORI MRL 091  

World Music Theatre, 2CD Tinley Park, IL, 20 Sep 99  

A Trio For All Seasons, 1CD Middleton, CT, USA, 20.4.1985/10.12.1984
Academy of Music 1974, 1CD Academy Of Music, New York City, 17 May 19     
Academy of Music 1984, 1CD Academy Of Music, Philadelphia, PA, 7 October 1984    
BBC Radio Broadcast, 1CD Golden Green Hippodrome, London, 1975 
Capitol Theatre 1978, 2CD Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ, 18 June 1978 
Premiere Novella, 1CD Premier Theatre, Westchester, NY, 15 Dec 1976  

Roxy Music 
First Edition Glasgow 2001, 1CD

Freefall, 1CD Ohio and New York 
Tracks 1-8 Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio 12/16/74 
Tracks 9-13 Whiskey A Go-Go, Hollywood, California 11/74
Live, 1CD USA, 1992 Wall of Sound WS CD 018        

Schulze, Klaus 
Dosburg Concert, 2CD Duisburg, Saturday, May 17th
featuring the voice of Roelof Oostwoud on CD1 and Primavera
En Concert, 1CD Lille, France, 25 May 1994 

Springsteen, Bruce 
Spirit in the Night, 1CD  FABBRI EDITORI MRL 046
1-4: USA 4-24-1973, 6: New Jersey 1971, 7: USA 4-24-1973, 8: New York 7-31-1973

Destri Rides Again, 1CD

Steely Dan
Los Angeles 1974, 1CD

Prince and Princess, 1CD 11/04/74 Paris Theatre, London 

Tangerine Dream 
Ruby in the Sky, 2CD 1975-02-04 Royal Albert Hall - London, UK 
Vol. 3: Seattle '77, 1CD Seattle, 21 April 1977 

Todd Rundgren
Putting on the Ritz, 1CD

Paradise Lost, 1CD  Live at Paradise Theatre, Boston, Ma, 1978, The Stanging' Pig Records, TSP-CD-003, featuring Allan Holdsworth, Eddie Jobson, John Wetton and Bill Bruford
Penn's Landing, 1CD  08/08/1978 Penn's Landing, Philadelphia

Van der Graaf Generator 
New York, 2CD New York October 10, 1976
Theme One, 1CD London 1970/1971/1972 FABBRI EDITORI MRL 044 
1-London 1970, 2-London 1971, 3-London 1972 4-London 1970, 5-London 1971

Athens 1997, 1CD Athens 97 - Ceremony of the World Athletics 
Blade Runner Extended Edition, 1CD Off World
Bruselas, 2CD Cirque Royale, May 17th 1979  
Los Angeles, 1CD November 7th 1986  
Paris, 2CD June 19th 1978  
Sofia, 1CD Sophia Antipolis, August 17th 1980  

Rick Wakeman 
No Earthly Connection, 1CD 1976, BBC broadcast (with the English Rock Ensemble) 
Live in Via Funchal, 2CD Sao Paulo, 2001 (with the English Rock Ensemble) 

Circus of Heaven, 2CD April 18, 1979, Le Colise de Quebec, Canada  
Englewood, 3CD August 05, 2001, Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre, Englewood, Colorado
Light of Images, 2CD Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 8/3/77, Highland HL143/44  
Prelude to Awaken, 2CD Yesshows World Tour 1977, Boston Garden, 12th August 1977, Highland Masters - Original Recording from the Archives, HL212/213 
Roundabout, 1CD California, 1974, World Tour Living Legend LLRCD 082 
Siberian Kathru, 1CD California, 1974, World Tour Lobster CD 021  
Solo Rehearsals, 1CD Highland
Super Golden Radio Shows 046, 1CD Quebec, 1979 SGRS SGRS 046 
The Story of Relayer, 2CD June 17 1976 in Jersey City NJ Roosevelt Stadium 
They, 2CD Montreal, 27th, 1983 Beech Marten CD 020/2